For the Love of Sheep - stories of sheep living free at Edgar's Mission

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I had the pleasure of meeting the happy sheep at Edgar's Mission in Victoria, Australia in November 2017. I was overwhelmed by their fun, excitable characteristics. Each one clearly had their own personality, and some had a favourite spot where they liked to be scratched. I couldn't help think that they were so much like wooly dogs.

Sheep Facts
Sheep are intelligent, friendly and emoitional. They can recognise the faces of their buddies, even after a period of years, and can distinguish between friendly and gruff human expressions.  They can learn their name and respond to it when called.  Recent studies have shown that sheep have performed at a similar level to monkeys and humans in learning tasks! If more people knew this, would we be as accepting of the cruelty inflicted on them in the animal agriculture business? I don't think so.

So let's spread stories of individual sheep who want to live as much as we do. Wonderful animal sancturies such as Edgar's Mission enable happy living for so many.

Molly Brown
Molly brown the sheep

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

"Thursday May 31st 2012 was ‘A Night to Remember’ for all the wrong reasons.  A horrific truck rollover on the Western Ring Road saw around 400 sheep fall onto the Princes Freeway below, leaving many dead and injured as countless people around the globe reeled in horror at the images of the stricken sheep.  Molly Brown, so named after Titanic survivor, the unsinkable Margaret ‘Molly’ Brown, is thought to be the sole surviving sheep of the carnage.  Her uplifting story of beating the odds, not once but twice, as the truck was abattoir bound, hit the headlines as she recovered under the care of the Lost Dogs’ Homes in North Melbourne."


Posy the sheep

Posy was rescued from I dire situation. "Posy has indeed shown us many things: her resilience has been amazing and her quick placement of trust well-founded. She found courage and hope in a place it had never been, she conquered unimaginable pain and suffering. Her reward for all of this is a home she would never have thought possible. And she has shown that sometimes our darkest hours can actually be our finest."

Snickers and Skittles
snickers and skittles sheep

Snickers and her baby, Skittles had somehow slipped through more than the fence that once contained them, remained unclaimed in the country pound, a stone’s throw from the local abattoir. Now, not only do they have a name but a future, and although they do not know it yet, they really are in a good place—no, make that a great place.

The Whittlesea Gang
the whittles gang

There’s "cheeky Mork and Mindy and then there’s Irene and her best friend Lorenza.  They came to us recently by way of an outer Melbourne pound, having been found wandering at large.  Now we know they didn’t fall from the sky or arrive in a space ship but with no one coming forth to claim them and offer a better explanation, we believe our latest friends truly are gifts from heaven.  Each day the intrepid quartet wanders about the farm, introducing themselves to all the animals, miraculously appearing in Hansel’s paddock or wandering up the laneway; their happy faces and quirky personalities do make us think they are the Houdini’s of the ovine world. There can be no doubt, they most certainly make us smile!"

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary
A not-for-profit farm sanctuary with a vision for a humane and just world for all. To learn more about them and the wonderful home they provide for so many animals, check out their website. 


How you can help thousands of sheep
Animals Australia has exposed the horrific reality of Live Export, and this year has become a crucial year that could see the end to the cruel industry if more of us make it known that we want it to end. Please add your name here.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?” - Edgar's Mission