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Healthy Vegan - What you need to know about vegan sources of iron

Iron seems to be one of the main minerals that people tend to panic about when you tell them you're vegan. Even when I told my doctor I was vegan, he laughed and said, "I'll see you in 6 months for being anemic". He was half joking, I think. But, thankfully, he never had to treat me being anemic because being vegan doesn't have to mean low iron levels. What is iron, why do we need it, and can we get enough from plant-based foods?Find the answers to these questions and find out the benifits of non-heme iron and potential risks of heme iron.

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Our Similarities - We are more alike than you may know

I remember hearing things like "don't be a sheep and blindly follow the crowd" or "dirty as a pig" or "stupid as a cow", leading me to think they can't have a life worth living. I had no idea that we as humans would actually have things in common with them.  Well we do, more than you may know.

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VEGAN COSMETICS - What are vegan cosmetics & where you can find them

Some cosmetic companies use animals as ingredients and/or test the products on the animals in the development stage. Sadly, this causes a great deal of suffering for millions of animals. The good news is that there are more and more companies moving away from animal testing and the use of animals as ingredients. But some vegan products don't mean cruelty-free and some cruelty-free don't mean vegan. Shouldn't they just both mean no animals were involved at any stage? I think so. 

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